“On behalf of the Board, I wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the high quality of Yiowmin’s support services. As the transaction was complex and subject to many changes, Yiowmin’s team has responded admirably. Prompt and effective follow up actions were taken whenever required. The fact that full support from the shareholders was achieved is clear proof that the documentation and procedures have been done well.”

– Mr. Lau Ping Sum Pearce
Chairman of P5 Capital Holdings Ltd.

“Yiowmin is knowledgeable, professional and commercial in achieving the highest possible level of quality and standard while being able to meet tight deadlines. Yiowmin has contributed positively during his various engagements.”

– Mr. Aviers Lim
Director and Chief Executive Officer at H2G Green Limited (formerly known as P5 Capital Holdings Ltd.)

“I have known Yiowmin for more than 10 years and he is seen as being responsible and professional in his work. He is also easy to get along with and always thinks out of the box to resolve business issues. He is definitely one of my choices for corporate advisory engagements.”

– Mr. Terence Tea
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Accrelist Ltd

“I was lucky enough to have been introduced to Yiowmin for a unique, cross border business valuation review project. Yiowmin was responsive, commercial and professional. It was a joy working on this project with him. I would gladly recommend and appoint Yiowmin again.”

– Mr. James Walker
Chief Financial Officer at Munich Partners

“Yiowmin is reliable and always proactive in getting the assignment completed.”

– Mr. Lawrence Chua
Chief Financial Officer at GKE Corporation Limited

“Yiowmin has been a solutions oriented professional.”

– Mr. Rakesh Khera
Group Chief Financial Officer at Sevak Limited

“I have worked with Yiowmin on a few projects. He has been very helpful and professional, pre-empting issues and offering advice as and when necessary. He stays close to the project and remains contactable at all times.”

– Mr. Mah How Soon
Managing Director at RHT Capital Pte Ltd

“Yiowmin is a good friend who is ever willing to go out of his way to assist, advise and connect people, and he does it exceedingly well.”

– Mr. Andy Lim
Chairman at Tembusu Partners Pte Ltd

“If you are looking for a professional who is knowledgeable, competent, resourceful and customer-centric, look no further. Yiowmin will deliver to the highest possible level of quality and standard. Truly, a tried and trusted advisor who can take you farther and faster on the road to financial success.”

– Dr. Patrick Liew
Managing Director at GEX Global Capital Pte Ltd

“Yiowmin is both professional and very commercial in his client dealings. I have engaged with him across a number of situations and have always found him client focused, well researched and practicable. He also has an excellent network. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

– Mr. Rodger Johnson
Managing Director at Growth Capital Group Limited

“Yiowmin is an effective and personable professional who never fails to provide deep insights and analysis, and above all sound commercial advice to his clients. I would recommend him any day for any corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions work.”

– Mr. Sin Boon Ann
Consultant at Drew & Napier LLC

“It was my pleasure to have worked with Yiowmin on a substantial M&A deal when I was a CFO of a SGX listed company. I found him to be knowledgeable, professional and commercial, thereby ensuring that the entire process went smoothly.”

– Ms. May Chuah
Chief Financial Officer at Libra Group Limited

“Yiowmin’s key strengths lie in his hands-on approach in providing smart solutions to complex issues. Brilliant and sharp, he is the go-to expert for valuation, financial advisory and board matters. Being effectively bilingual allows him to communicate issues to clients in an effortless manner. A trusted advisor to many.”

– Ms. Gwendolyn Gn
Partner at Shook Lin & Bok LLP

“I had the pleasure of working with Yiowmin for the past many years. He is a thorough professional, very knowledgeable and the best part is that he is one of the best we have seen on meeting tight deadlines with impeccable quality outcomes.”

– Mr. Maneesh Tripathi
Director and Group Chief Executive Officer at Digilife Technologies Limited
(formerly known as Sevak Limited)